Genetics and genomics

The genetic make-up of cattle is more clearly understood than ever before. Genomics is now the gold standard in modern cattle breeding information. We can now affordably discover the genetic merit of calves at birth and use this information to make earlier and more accurate breeding decisions.

It costs around £2000 to rear a dairy heifer to milking age, so identifying the best will have major cost saving benefits over the longer term. Genomic testing can be used to identify high PLI, top Type or other individual traits as desired to best suit the breeder's aims.

Genomic testing can be used in conjunction with classification for optimum results in dairy cattle husbandry. Use both services together to produce a truly great herd of cows!

We offer a wide range of genomic testing options for both heifers and parentage testing can also be incorporated within the genomic test. Young bulls intended for AI or for use as stock bulls can also be tested to obtain UK genetic evaluation results.

A full range of genetic trait diagnostic services are also available, including coat colour, polled status and A2 milk protein, as well as for all known deleterious recessives, such as HCD, Brachyspina and CVM.


Genomic Sample Processing Deadlines

Run Month Date to be received by HUK (Wednesday) Proof Release Date (Tuesday)
Nov 2021 15/09/2021 02/11/2021
Dec 2021 06/10/2021 07/12/2021
Jan 2022 17/11/2021 04/01/2022
Feb 2022 22/12/2021 01/02/2022
Mar 2022 19/01/2022 01/03/2022
Apr 2022 16/02/2022 05/04/2022
May 2022 23/03/2022 03/05/2022
Jun 2022 27/04/2022 07/06/2022
Jul 2022 25/05/2022 05/07/2022
Aug 2022 22/06/2022 09/08/2022
Sep 2022 27/07/2022 06/09/2022
Oct 2022 24/08/2022 04/10/2022
Nov 2022 21/09/2022 01/11/2022
Dec 2022 19/10/2022 06/12/2022

(dates in bold are official proof runs, all others are interim runs)

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